Sercal was originally founded back in 1985 by Raymond Van Craenenbroeck as a trading company for components to the belgian heating market. Inheriting a link to Servo Instrument Deutschland from his previous employer (Emba Technic NV/SA) and thus trading in flue gas chimney flaps and draught regulators, his dream was to develop his own pressurization and expansion system (called Nivomat) thus competing with Emba who was importer for Pneumatex expansion and pressurization systems. The Nivomat being an open system however, it never became a success.

In 1993 he sold Sercal to Karl Willemen, who also left Emba Technic in 1987 to start Pneumatex&Cie bvba as an exclusive importer for Pneumatex to the Belgian Market and thus Sercal and Pneumatex became sister companies. Pneumatex&Cie grew to become a major player, got converted from bvba to NV. Later on Karl Willemen acquired Luxelco (the luxemburg importer for Pneumatex) and converted that company to become Pneumatex Luxemburg.

After a turbulent period during early 2000, Karl Willemen finally took over Pneumatex AG with all its daughter companies in Europe, and started an intensive campaign to revitalise Pneumatex. Sercal became almost a dormant company.

over the years, Sercal traded for SID, Kutzner&Weber, Metasco FAUCH, Cimm, SYR, Taco, and a few other heating related brands 

In 2007 the entire Pneumatex group was sold to IMI plc.

After the earn-out and non-compete period Karl Willemen decided to pursue his original ideas of developing a sophisticated, nevertheless cheap corrosion sensor (now Risycor) and a further family of Risy.... products (currently in the development stage)

A patent was granted and Sercal started an industrial development traject with Verhaert to bring this product to industrialisation.

At the end of 2012, Resus was founded to bring the Risy... family of products to the heating market, planned in 2014